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Splash Furniture Set for Kids


Spalsh 兒童桌

材質: 白山毛櫸,非洲紫檀,綠檀,花梨木,Sono,梣木,橡木, 胡桃木

表面處理: OSMO 天然蠟漆

尺寸: 長 51 x 寬 51 x 高 40 公分

Spalsh Kid's Table

Material: Beech, African padauk, vera wood, redwood, SONO, ash, oak, walnut

Finishing: OSMO natural wax oil

Dimension: L 51 x W 51 x H 40 cm12

/ NT$ 13,600 Sold Out


Spalsh 兒童椅/ 凳 

材質: 白山毛櫸,非洲紫檀

表面處理: OSMO 天然蠟漆


椅 座面直徑 26 x 高 23.5 , 總高 41 公分

凳 座面直徑 26 x 高 23.5 公分

Spalsh Kid's Stool & Chair

Material: ash,African padauk

Finishing: OSMO natural wax oil



Seat Dai. 26 x H 23.5, total height 41 cm


Dai. 26 x H 23.5 cm

Chair 椅 / NT$ 5,600 Sold Out

Stool 凳 / NT$ 3,600 Sold Out

Splash 積木組 

各種大小共12入 含兩件搖搖鈴


一系列使用八種不同木種製作的美麗積木。簡潔的形狀更能激發孩子的想像力。不使用任何化學顏料,各種木頭本來的鮮艷顏色就可以讓孩子開心玩耍。 圓潤的設計,小小手可以好好握好好拿,促進手部肌肉與手眼協調發展。


材質: 白山毛櫸,非洲紫檀,綠檀,花梨木,Sono,胡桃木,橡木

表面處理: 天然蜂蠟

Splash blocks

Set of 12 including sound shakers


A range of beautiful blocks made with 8 kinds of wood.  The simple forms give amazing inspiration for kids. With rounded edge, kids can comfortably grab the blocks to help them develop hands co-ordination.  


Material: Beech, SONO, walnut, ash, African padauk, oak, redwood

Finishing: Natural Bee Wax

/ NT$ 3,200


Splash 是一組百分之百原木製兒童家具組,包含桌、椅、凳與積木組。不使用人工化學塗料,給孩子們最真實的觸感和氣味,就像木頭鮮豔的色彩不小心潑灑上了小桌和小小椅子上,天然原木保護蠟漆讓孩子感受原木質感,安全放心地遊戲玩耍。


Splash is a set of kids furniture including a table, a chair, a stool and blocks made with 100% wood. Without using color coatings, Splash gives your kids the authentic color, tactility and scent of the wood. The colorful wood combination looks like a splash of paints on the little table and chair. Nature wax oil allows the children to feel the texture of the wood and lets them play safely.

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