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An extension of the previous furniture from Y series, Y50 features a breakthrough structure by connecting the high and low extended branches.


Y5 is a collectible sculpture of modernism. An architectural design without doors, Y5 is a shelf which welcomes all your collections, books, plants and arts. It reflects who you are ​and you create the unique personality of the shelf. 

Y5 Shelf System

使用Y系列經典的黑白色澤木種: 胡桃、楓木。我們為此層架系列延伸了14種尺寸變化,可依照需求選擇不同層數,甚至能往橫發展並排排列,讓你的收藏品,大氣的展示。

Y5 shelf system comes in 2 woods: walnut and maple, and 14 forms. You can even have several ones standing side by side, building an architecture of your own.

木種選擇  Choice of Wood

油裝 Oil Treatment

製作天數 : 3 個月

Delivery time : 3 months

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