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Stv TVboard



Stv 視聽櫃,高度50公分,適宜擺飾、書本雜誌、花藝等。你可以訂製選用希望的收納方式:拉門或抽屜,多用途的邊櫃,適合於客廳、房間或玄關使用。

S for serenity and space

S is a series of storages with modern gracefulness. Constructed with slim and neat board, carved with delicate and minimalist detail. The serene, enchanting shade under the top followed by the rounded corner, straight down to the legs standing briskly giving a proper spare space.

Stv TVboard, with a height of 50cm, is friendly for decoration, books or floral arrangement, etc. You can plan your own storage with sliding doors or drawers. Make your own multi-purpose low board for living room, bedroom, even for entrance.

木種選擇  Choice of Wood



交期 : 請見家具頁面公告

Delivery time : Please refer to the notice on the top of Furniture page.

實木結構 & 雙榫榫接


Structure & Joints

It looks simple because we make the complicated unseen. Main structure are made with traditional joints techniques. Double mortise and tenon joint is used between legs and beams. It looks simple but super strong.

製作  Making

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