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Q time (絕版)



材質: 白山毛櫸、日本Rhythm機芯

表面處理: 蜂蠟


S: 長11.5 x 寬12.5 x 高7 公分

L: 長19.4 x 寬19.4 x 高7 公分

Q time (no longer produce)

Q series features a layer of beech bent nearly 360° to embrace the clock and let itself stand naturally. The main body is shaped from a single wooden block. Each piece gives a unique scenery of wood grain that makes it absolutely beautiful and timeless object.


Material: beech, Japan Rhythm clock movements

Finishing: natural wax polish


S: L11.5 x W12.5 x H7 cm

L: L19.4 x W19.4 x H7 cm

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