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Punch/s 是一系列慢餐具,來自於實驗土的可能性。我們使用過去老臺灣通常使用的黃陶製作,波浪般的質地是土坯半乾時手打的印子,色澤來自天然氧化礦物釉與陶土中的鐵質結合發色,讓每一個成品都擁有各自天然的成色: 蛋殼白、灰褐、蜜黃、冰藍。


Punch Stoneware 有兩種器型:杯與碗。適合想喝點啤酒時使用,並搭配自製沙拉或燉肉。

Some pleasant vessels for home

Punch/S is a series of tableware trying to play with the possibilities of clay. We use the traditional clay that was normally used in the retro Taiwan life. The wavy texture is the mark of hand-punching before the clay is dried. The light finishing comes from the chemical action between natural oxidized mineral and the clay that makes each item one of a kind. Available in 4 colors: eggshell white, classic taupe, honey yellow, ice blue.


Punch stoneware comes with 2 forms: cups and bowl. Good for a cup of beer or a bowl of homemade salad or stew.

Punch Stoneware

陶土, 天然礦物無毒釉

Stoneware, natural non-toxic glaze


Available with 2 volumes, 2 forms and 4 colors.


Dia.8.5x H8cm

TWD 980  


Dia.18.5x H9cm


*手工上釉,每一只器皿的色澤與流玟都是獨一無二的。Each item is handmade that no one is alike.

*微波爐、烤箱、洗碗機請安心使用。請勿直火​ / Microwave-, dishwasher-, oven-safe, not for direct fire.

*SGS食品安全認證 / SGS Food safe certified.

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