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L3 Low Table


極簡、低調,帶有一點華麗手感,延續L系列的設計特點,L3 Low Table是一組可高低搭配或單獨使用的圓形矮桌,簡單的外型能輕鬆融入不同居家風格的擺設。35公分的桌面高度,最適合直接乘坐於地面,舒適地休息使用。

Going up


going down

which either is a nice place to escape from the reality.

​Simple and quiet​ with a tactility of slight luxuriousness. Come with the same features from L series, L3 low table is good to be used alone or with one another. Formed with minimal shape making it mix and match well in all style of interior design. For instance, a low table of 35cm height is good for you to sit comfortably on the floor for all time rest or doing light work.

木種選擇  Choice of Wood

製作天數 : 2 個月

Delivery time : 2 months

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