L1 Table


「L系列」 ,是我們嘗試以印象中那種,一桌四腳的簡單構成,讓桌子能被利用更多的空間,以路力的方式呈現一張極簡設計的桌子。



The power of simplicity

L Series starts from illustrating simple outlines of one top with 4 legs construction, making a table more space for people with least design in Lo Lat's style.

The windfall appears while constantly seeking the simplicity.

L inherits the chamfer cut of Y series table and has its legs released to the corner. An alluring curvature extends from the tilted surface and stretch to brace the erected leg that unexpectedly creates delicate and subtle details of both sense of sight and touch. 



The serene visual tension

L Series is designed simple and proper without unnecessary lines composed with serene characteristic and visual tension in details. The flowing lines along with its finely designed cut retouched by hand makes the wood stand out and appealingly pleasant. 

木種選擇   Choice of Wood

梣木 Ash
楓木 Maple
橡木 White oak
胡桃 Walnut
霧黑梣 Black stained ash
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製作天數 : 1.5 個月

Delivery time : 1.5 months

實木結構 & 雙榫榫接


Structure & Joints

It seems simple because we make the complicated unseen. Main structure are made with traditional joints techniques. Double mortise and tenon joint is used between legs and beams. It looks simple but super strong.


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