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Share the happiness with loved ones.

Share the happiness with loved ones.



See freedom and comfort.
Feel the happiness while gathering together with family and friends.
Spare yourself more time to enjoy life!



Lo Lat takes its name from a Taiwanese phrase meaning "Thank you for your effort". Since 2014, we've been handcrafting every piece of furniture to unveil the essence of the material.  By collaborating with people of young and old, we use both traditional and new techniques to present the design and details with sophisticated retouch by hand. Wish to bring you a pleasant time at home.


We love well-made furniture and objects,

and believe they can softly amend the atmosphere of a home.

During a trip to Europe, we visited a furniture workshop in Denmark, where we met respectable craftsmen and their furniture made with masterly skill. Then we realized that a piece of good furniture could be made with such diligent effort. A good craftsman always cherishes the material with gratitude. When making a furniture, every cut and shave leads to a new life of happiness. The essence of material is unveiled by hand that one can feel the gentle touch through the corner and one can grasp the scent of the wood. The desire to have good furniture is not only for the visual benefit but for the invisible process. Moreover,  it is also a blessing on the cooperation between the craftsman and nature.Thanks to the craftsmen who bring us such a wonderful experience.


Making with one's hand, is to input the warmth of caring and make sure it lasts. 
Making with one's heart, is to make it stand the test of time and perfect the quality.

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